Jutland Gravel Tour 2024

Welcome to a fantastic weekend with Gravel in Jutland.

When: 6-9 June 2024.
Where: West coast of Jutland
How: Gravel Randonnée on fantastic roads
Stay: Esbjerg Vemb Looke and Skagen
Included: Accommodation, breakfast & tours. Dinner and Lunch are paid for by each.
Price: Self cost. Hotels 800-1400 per night, transport depends on number.
The week: Randonnée in Jutland, Bicycles are transported from Stockholm by truck.


We may modify if weather and other reasons cause us to do so.

Wednesday 5 June
Transport to Esbjerg by car, train, flight. The bikes are transported by truck round trip.
We live at Hjerting Badehotel

Thursday 6 June 160km/400 hm

Start from Esbjerg with the finish in Vemb where we at Nørre Vosborg

Friday, June 7, 144 km

From Vember to Hanstholm
We will, among other things, to take the Thyborön ferry.
We stay at Montra Hotel Hanstholm

Saturday 8 June 112 km
From Hanstholm to Løkken.
We stay at Hotel Løkken Strand

Sunday 9 June 94 km
From Løkken to Skagen
We stay at the classic Brøndums Hotel

We cycle according to Grusets Vänner's principles.
We cycle to have fun, there are no intervals and it is not about cycling the fastest but having the best experience. If you want to splurge, it's of course fine, you wait further on. We may also split the group, if it turns out to be better. Our Guides have a lot of experience in arranging and holding these tours.

* No one is left alone.
* Sprint or peel off if you like but let the group catch up again
* We take care of and help each other in case of mechanival issues.
* We bike safely and keep our distance, remember the "three second rule" especially on gravel.
* It's all about having the nicest of days.

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