Gran Canaria Gravel Camp

When : 19-26 January 2024
Where : Gran Canaria
How : Adventurous Gravel Camp with lots of climbing
Hotel : We stay at CasaCalma, a dedicated cycling hotel
Eating : Breakfast and dinner at CasaCalma are included.

Inzain and CasaCalma welcome you to Gran Canaria and a week of cycling on trails and dirt roads. For the third year in a row, the cycling hotel CasaCalma opens its doors to us in January. 

When it is darkest at home, this island with, according to many, the best climate on Earth, awaits us. This week is aimed at you who want to take your bike (gravel or MTB) a little further than the usual ride. 

The island offers stunning views, tranquility and breathtaking views on every day trip. The only thing that is required is the right gearing and that you have managed the winter training reasonably beforehand. 

CasaCalma is in its fourth year as a cycling hotel and knows exactly what we usually like. New for the last year is that we also have our own companion car available on the longer tours. 

CasaCalma also offers self-rental of gravel bikes for those who need and do not choose to bring their own. 

The terrain is a bit tougher so bring if you feel more comfortable with a MTB then bring it. At last year's camp in the same week, we had both MTB and gravel on the same rounds.  

Every day has its own unique character. And next year's novelty is the wine tasting from the vineyards dating back to the 16th century around Bandama. After we have reached the top of the island on a dirt road. Talk about a target image and a nice end to the day. 

Day 0

Arrival and pick-up at the airport. Short 20 min. transfer to CasaCalma. Fix with a bike (own or rental bike). Welcome drink on the large roof terrace. Shared dinner, prepared with local ingredients.

Day 1 – Grand Canyon 

We start a little slowly, but the view is adorable even though we are only a few km from the sea. 

Despite being next door to the house, it really lives up to its nickname here on the island. It is no coincidence that it is the most visited gravel circuit on the whole island by the resident gravel cyclists. We roll down from the house and already reach the gravel after 5 minutes and get a morning in an environment that has not seen a car (only off-road vehicles) for many years. Towards the end of the tour, we reach the incredibly cozy village of Ayaguares, a coffee or late lunch there before we take the last kilometers back to the house. 


Day 2 Pico 

We make it to the top, the day begins and ends with car transport. 81km / 2,223 hm 
On this day, it is altitude meters and mile-wide views that count. A trip to the top is one of the great classics here on the island, and now we have drawn up a wonderful route that goes mostly on gravel to get there. Here we also benefit from our companion car that takes us east above the airport. We start directly on the beach and after only 1 km we reach the ravine/barranco that will take us to the top. Be prepared for tropical vegetation and wildlife out of the ordinary (last time I was there a lizard as big as a dachshund..) New for 2024 is that on the way home we visit the fine vineyards around the Bandama area. Imagine tasting local wines dating back to the 16th century. (Unique for Europe!) No one has missed that this has become very popular and well-liked. 

Day 3 – TamaBada 

Challenge of the week – de luxe (181km / 3,994hm) 

The big challenge of the week (if you take it on the bike all the way) and the big "jewel" of the week. We make our way to the far west of the island, all the way down to the abandoned country road that nature is starting to take back. We get there cycling with trees growing straight up the road and then we have the sea and Tenerife on our left. Guaranteed a new experience. We then turn right and onto fine sports gravel, towards the middle of the island, desolate and beautiful just as it should be and only a cottage / finca here and there. Finally we reach Artenara and the wonderful valley down to Tejeda which is voted the most picturesque village in all of Spain and I've never heard anyone disagree. This is a long trip if you take it door to door, but our car is with us all the way. 

Day 4 – Pilancones 

This is the day after the "big day" so this day is much "easier" and maybe a rest day for those who would rather be on the beach. The rest of us will be in for a real adventure. On paper this looks like a pain, but it depends on how you look at it. For the first ½ hour, you ride the bike on a narrow path that takes us upwards, and the altitude therefore feels easier. This walk is well worth doing. The environment we will experience is breathtaking. No car all day and therefore completely undisturbed plant life and nature, well worth the effort!!  

Day 5 Chira 

(82km / 1,974 hm) 

Our neighborhood and something we see from the house's roof terrace every day. The round starts on tarmac which takes us up high where the road turns to gravel. Incomparably beautiful and we can see down into the Soria valley where all the racing cyclists unknowingly climb up. After about half of the tour, we reach the large Chira Dam, which is mighty in its size. After this the road flattens out and we reach the large fields which often have flowering rape / buttercups. All this not far from the sea and desert climate a few miles away. 

Day 6 Santa Lucia 

Classic roads mixed with new ones, on gravel (72km / 1,561hm) 


The perfect end to a week full of strong experiences. This ride is done on gravel up the west side of the gorge so popular with racing bike sites. We keep seeing the wonderfully beautiful and completely white village of Sankta Lucia on our right. For those who want, we have coffee there before we reach San Bartolome, which is the highest point of the day. Once there, you can choose which route you want to take home. Either straight down the nearest one past the beautiful and famous Fataga (among others from Sällskapsresan). Or drive even more gravel and variations on "Chira" and "Pilancones".  

Escort car 

Our escort car will be with us every day so that we can access the goodies on the island better. It also gives us security in case something happens to you or your bike (or your legs :)) 

The escort car has water, sports drink, gels, bars, extra bike and possibly extra clothes (which are never needed...)   

After Bike and bath 

Once back at the house, you can look forward to a delicious dinner made with local ingredients, After Bike up on a roof terrace with a mile-long view of the famous Maspalomas dunes and a sparkling sea behind.  

Why not take a bath in the new jacuzzi with only the moon and stars above. 

INZAIN wishes you a warm welcome to Gran Canaria


When19-26 January 2024
WhereGran Canaria
AccommodationCasaCalma – Cycling hotel
What is includedAccommodation (shared double room for two people) with breakfast & dinner, routes, safety car, bike bag storage, guides, photo/film.
AwardSEK 14,500
Single room+ SEK 4,000
PaymentWhen booking: SEK 3,500 registration date = payment date
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InsuranceParticipants are responsible for their own insurance
FlightEveryone books their own flight. Transfer included.
ReceiptReceipt/Cash invoice provided upon request
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